Oscar Welsh Celebrates Being Yourself On New Single “Avery”

One of the coolest things about the rise in home recording is that anyone from anywhere around the world can reach millions of listeners in an instant. One great example of this is Oscar Welsh, an up-and-coming indie-pop artist from Suffolk, U.K. whose warm, homemade tunes are landing on “bedroom” playlist around the globe. On November 12, he put “Avery,” a bopping mid-fi track that encapsulates his talents. 

With glistening synths, a feel-good melody and an impressive use of sidechaining, “Avery” instantly takes the listener to a happy, fuzzy, nostalgic place. While at first glance, you might delight in such a simple, summery love song, upon closer look you’ll notice that that’s not quite the full story of what “Avery” is or who it’s about. 

“I wanted to create a song about an individual who doesn’t care too much about common social values that we have — Avery doesn’t care for being sincere, wearing clothes she’s meant to wear or speaking politely,” Welsh told American Songwriter. “However, the Avery I know in real life isn’t a human… she’s a Dalmatian puppy. She actually appears in the music video for the song and is just like the imaginary character the song was originally about — she just doesn’t care what others think!”

With this fun-fact in mind, “Avery” goes from being an already good tune to being the paw-fect anthem for being yourself (please fur-give me for the pun). But, don’t worry too much about the subject nature of the tune — with a combination of good vibes and lyrical wordplay, Welsh opens the door for the listener to interpret the tune’s messaging however they want.

“I think all I can give to people is a song,” he said. “From there, they can use it however they’d like. Whether they listen to it when they’re watching the music video to see me and my pup playing together or if they play it to someone they like to try and impress them… I can’t affect that stuff. So, what I tried to do was just give the best video I possibly could and make a song that resonates with Avery’s character.”

See, that’s how simply beautiful this new music-making culture is. Welsh can be inspired by his dog’s freewheelin’ character, stow away to his bedroom to record a tune about it and then share that wonderful energy with millions around the world. What a great thing.

Watch Oscar Welsh and his pup play together in the music video for his new single “Avery” below:

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