Maejor Focuses “Life” on Inspiring Appreciation

The term “Force Majeure” is typically heard in connection with the negative impact of extraordinarily disruptive circumstances. Well, while artist and producer Maejor is virtually the polar opposite of negativity, releasing music earlier this year that was literally recorded at a frequency shown to heal and alleviate anxiety, the Los Angeles based creative definitely fits the bill for a disruptive force in the entertainment world.

Known for production contributions with artists like Tiësto, Post Malone, and Wiz Khalifa; for brands like Pepsi and the Boston Celtics; for scoring films like Think Like a Man and Disney’s Princess and the Frog; and the recognition of a Grammy nod for work with Trey Songz’ album Passion, Pain & Pleasure, Maejor has established himself as a creator unafraid to connect with pursuits beyond making music under his own name. After so much time lending his talents to others however, Maejor has started tending more to his own work, propelled most recently by the release of his debut album, Vol. 1: Frequency. It was through this project that the world got to see Maejor’s passion for supporting others, shown in a way different from the familiar approach of socially conscious anthems or releases meant to bolster charities: Maejor turned to the science of sound and recording songs on the record with the healing frequency of 432 hertz.

Now onto his newest piece of work, though Maejor’s latest single “Life” featuring Sofia Reyes and Alonzo, doesn’t carry the same frequency as the healing-driven music of “Vol. 1,” Maejor is continuing to create and write from a place motivated by intent for positive change. Combining a partial cover of Dido’s hit “Thank You,” which is harmonized with Reyes, with his own signature hip-hop performance and Alonzo’s nimble raps, “LIFE” displays a vibrant enthusiasm for multiple musical approaches and even languages, as part of Alonzo’s contribution is performed in French.

Following the recent live debut of “Life” on the MelodyVR platform, Maejor spoke with American Songwriter about his commitment to helping others, his interest in the science of sound, how he decided on the hook for the single, and more.

American Songwriter: What sparked your exploration of the science of sound – specifically the 432hz phenomenon – and why did that speak to you as the way you wanted to try and help people?
Maejor: I wanted to use my music to make a difference and I noticed that doing it through lyrics wasn’t feeling right. I tried to figure out a way to help people and inspire them through the sound itself.

AS: For those just getting acquainted with your work for the first time through this debut, would you say by choosing the build an album around this idea of a healing frequency, and then subsequently releasing a song driven by gratitude, that you want to be known as an artist who creates with the primary intention of helping people?
Maejor: Yes, music is a universal language and an opportunity for me to uplift and inspire.

AS: There being a myriad of songs out there that contain sentiments and lyrics of gratitude and appreciation, what about Dido’s “Thank You” – a song originally recorded with a somewhat subdued and perhaps even mildly somber aesthetic – made it the right fit for including in the writing of “Life?”

Maejor: For me, it was Dido’s melody. I heard it as a child through Eminem’s Stan. The melody spoke to me before the words and it just made sense.

AS: As an artist with Jamaican roots, which you actively have embraced through your music, it’s unsurprising in the best way, to not only see you collaborating with Sofia Reyes and Alonzo but to hear multilingual lyricism in “LIFE” as well. How did that creative decision for the song initially come about?
Maejor: It was a totally organic process. We had some good success in France with “I Love You” and became connected to the music of Alonzo through France. Alonzo heard the song and liked it. Sofia added an important element by providing a beautiful balance.

AS: As you were writing and eventually recording “Life,” where did you personally derive your energy for keeping gratitude and a positive mindset – particularly in a time when day-to-day life across the world is so overrun with uncertainty and the taxing stress that comes with that?
Maejor: During this time I think it is important to remember that life is a blessing. Every day we are alive is a new opportunity to love and we shouldn’t take that for granted no matter what is going on.  There is always something we can find to be grateful for while still working on improving some of the challenges we are facing today.

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